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Our Dear Patient,

Allow me to introduce myself and discuss my role within the Practice of Dr. James C. Jeffries. My name is Syed A. Khalid, and I am honored that Dr. Jeffries selected me from a large group of Periodontists to help serve his family of patients. I am from Michigan, however my heart has been in Texas since I was a child. Spending summers in Houston while growing up cemented my desire to one day raise my family here. Moving to Houston and realizing my dream of practicing in this community is an absolute blessing, and I hope to keep my excitement for a long time to come!

Despite training during different eras, Dr. Jeffries and I share many qualities including the emphasis we place on patient education, importance on addressing patient concerns, and our passion for Periodontics. I have been interested in Dentistry since I was very young, and have been involved in the profession since 2004. My training includes a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree, Certificate in Periodontics, and Master of Science; all from the University of Detroit-Mercy School of Dentistry. One of my most honorable accomplishments is attaining status as a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, which approximately half of the Periodontists in the US attain. My training consists of non-surgical and surgical periodontal therapy, hard and soft tissue regeneration, oral plastic surgery, atraumatic extractions, bone grafting, sinus augmentation, implantology, & IV Sedation. Additionally, I’m certified in aiding in accelerated orthodontic treatment through Wilckodontics® via oral surgical procedures. Finally, I will continue to offer LANAP® procedures as well.

As Dr. and Mrs. Jeffries wind down their illustrious careers I will do my best to honor Dr. Jeffries by continuing to provide clinical expertise and treatment at the highest level possible. I hope to serve not only as your Periodontist, but your teacher, motivator, and coach within the profession. Rest assured, Laudy, Judy, & Anna will be staying on as part of the team, and Dr. Jeffries will be practicing for some time to come. Marcia Ripkowski, who many of you have already met or spoken with, will eventually assume the responsibilities of Mrs. Olga Jeffries. Please be patient with us as we serve to make updates to enhance your experience through our electronic scheduling and charting modules and communication via social media that will soon be implemented. I look forward to earning and honoring your trust and subsequently delivering appropriate treatment to restore health, function, and esthetics as you return for recalls, exams, ongoing treatment, and follow-ups. Have a Blessed Holiday Season!


Syed A. Khalid, DDS MS

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